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Welcome to How to Kumihimo with Braid & Bead Studio.

Kumihimo is the Japanese art of making braid. Traditionally created on the marudai, with the advent of the light, portable, Kumihimo disk, braiding can be done by anyone, any age, anywhere. Whether you are a fiber artist, jewellery maker, sewer, or creative craft person the uses for your Kumihimo braids are limited only by your imagination. Kumihimo braids can be used as jewellery, belts, and to enhance garments. Kumihimo can be used to make braids to personalise your mobile phones, digital cameras and glasses. You will make truly unique braids with the many beautiful and unusual threads and beads now available.
  • Braid & Bead Studio has exclusive patterns and kits, using the Kumihimo disk for braiders of all levels.
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