About “Twist Turn & Tie 50 Japanese Braids” published February 2014


I adore your new book! I have been setting up disks all over the house. I can’t decide which I like best so I am going to make them all – almost. Your book explains and illustrates techniques and ways around problems with maru dai designs. Thank you so much!!  Berverle Sweitzer  USA

I love that Beth has respected the traditions, done her homework AND created a series of projects using both traditional and diverse materials that celebrate the new ways we braid.  If you can only afford ONE book for your personal library then Twist, Turn & Tie would be the one to buy.  Wheat – It’s All Just String  –  USA

Congratulations on the book – I have read it from cover to cover and now going back to look again at the projects. Instructions are comprehensive and I like the little extra tips you have provided too. Just like being there with you.  I am going to practise the flat braid for the Uluru before beginning using the Lillipilli.  Narelle O’Donnell  Glasgow  Scotland

Excellent Book for Beginning to Intermediate Braiders “This book is excellent. It’s written in understandable language with great illustrations to show the placement of the cords on the kumi disk. There’s also some great introductory info about supplies, at the start of the book. Highly recommended.”  Jessica Hughey on

I want to tell you your book is awesome!   I’m still going through it, and will do a review on Amazon soon. It’s much more than I expected, and you’ve done a superb job with it! Sharon Foster  Georgia USA

Congratulations on your book!  It looks stunning!  Must feel wonderful to actually be holding the finished product.  Thank you so much.  Marian McHugh Qld Australia

It looks marvellous!  Thanks for broadening the kumi world! Kathie Gillaspey USA

Your book is superb! Here in the UK, I found it on Amazon last weekend and got my copy earlier this week. I can’t put it down! Each page is inspiration to this new braider. Thank you for sharing your skill and ideas.  Kathy Wilson UK via Facebook

Received the book! Great fun,great ideas, great to learn new patterns to do on the disk while traveling. Barbara Edelstein in Hawaii

I’m loving my book too.  As a newbee I’ve already made my first braid and am now very excited at the projects in your book which make me feel confident to tackle. I’ll be an expert in no time, especially after your workshop. Great!  Glenda Kempthorne Brisbane Australia via Facebook

My order came today and I’ve glanced through your beautiful book. Lots of good hints there. And I can’t wait to try some of the designs. I hadn’t seen the main one on the cover, so that may be the first. I haven’t worked with silk, either, so that will be fun. The kit (Lilipilli) looks like I am going to enjoy it. It’s not like anything I’ve seen here, so will be fun to have something “new” to wear for our Kumi group.  I will enjoy making myself a birthday present!  Arliss Moll  Arizona USA

I received your new book today and it is exactly what I was looking for – I am so pleased I didn’t buy other ones that I have been looking at online. Christine Qld Australia